How to get started with winddown walking

How to get started with winddown walking

Something that I’m truly passionate about here at Peakeze is spreading the message, that getting outside and walking, is one of the easiest, low-cost ways to de-stress.

It really is the perfect antidote to a full-on working day or a long-hours working week.

Sure, some people like to get serious and invest in top-range kit and head off for 20-mile mountain hikes (…and we do, as you may have guessed, do a bit of this ourselves). Equally, simply carving out a few minutes within each day to enjoy a walk around your local area, also brings significant value.

Here I’m pleased to share a few tips, to help you get started with winddown walking.

And do remember, there is nothing wrong with local pavement walking, or perhaps there’s a park or waterside walk, near to where you work or live. 

Find an easy time

Following on from the above, how about finding 20 or 30 minutes in the middle of the day, or perhaps after work and before commuting home or starting your evening?

If you like the idea of a longer winddown walk at the weekend, but you also have all the usual chores to get through, see if you can combine the two. Heading out for the big supermarket shop on a Saturday morning? Why not walk to the shops?

Put it in your diary

Time is one of the biggest challenges for us all. 

It is therefore, just as important to set aside time for your winddown walk as it is to plan a business meeting or a deadline. Remember, de-stressing from work is important for us all, because it sets us up to get back into work, and then do it all again. 

Invite a friend

If you book a time for a walk but also arrange to meet up with a friend or colleague, then you’ll be much more likely to keep to it.

Don’t worry too much about kit

Your winddown walking kit can be as simple as a pair of good-fit trainers and a light waterproof jacket. 

How about a walking business meeting?

If you struggle to find the time to get out and walk during a business week, how about arranging a walking meeting? 

These can be just as productive as a sit-down chat, and if it’s creative thinking you’re seeking, then the change of scene can be a huge help. Top Tip - take a recording device along to capture any ideas or key points.

Most of all – do remember to enjoy it

I hope you enjoy your walking and the many benefits it brings. 

If you’d like any tips or advice about walking and walking kit, then I’m here to help. I’m Rob Saunders and my ‘phone number is on the website. You can also email me at

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