The win-win benefits of 1-2-1 & networking walking

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The win-win benefits of 1-2-1 & networking walking

Meetings are a core business activity that create and build successful relationships.

When we meet with people (either colleagues, potential clients or existing clients) we make meaningful connections.

A great way to ensure meetings bring real and lasting benefit is to get outside into fresh air, and meet whilst walking.

Walking meetings are great for 1-2-1s, business teams or mixed groups and they have many benefits. 

Let me unpack a few of them for you.

They’re great for creativity

When you’re moving, this changes not only how you feel, but how you think. 

Getting outside to chat gives everyone space for creative thinking. Quite simply, when everyone is in a different environment, they approach things differently. 

Within that… a little tip 

Take a recorder so that you can capture key points. 

This may be a notebook to jot down important thoughts or having your mobile ‘phone to hand, so that you can make recordings, and then come back to these when you return to the office.

You can still have a structure

Having done a few of these walking meetings, I recommend keeping numbers relatively small; say six, eight or ten people.

With smaller groups such as this, you can still structure your meeting and even (using mobile ‘phone dictation) keep minutes if you’d like to. You can also designate a walk leader and a meeting chairperson.

Keep it short and simple

Avoid anything that is too hardy and stick to brief routes that are easy for everyone. A walk around a local park could be just as enjoyable as venturing along more challenging countryside paths.

You and your walkers won’t need therefore special kit, and just swapping brogues or heels for a pair of good-fit trainers will probably be fine. 

Where to meet

Meeting mid-way is of course a good idea when you’re bringing together a mixed group. If it’s just two or three of you, you may simply venture out from your office car park.

How long should the walk last?

Well again, there’s no set rule, but perhaps an hour to an hour and a half would be good. You can probably devote the same amount of time to your walking meeting, as you would to a meeting inside.

Should there be food?

Hey, why not? 

Whenever I’ve attended a networking breakfast or lunch (or even a ‘Network with Coffee and Cake’ event) food has been involved. For your walk, a flask of hot brown and biscuits and/ or cake, may be all you need!

Output-focused, creative meetings

So overall then, getting outside walking (weather permitting!) to chat, share and brainstorm is a great way to have a creative and output-focused business meeting.

I’ve done a number of them and I’ve always found that on returning to work, everything feels really positive.

Peakeze is passionate about walking

Here at Peakeze we are passionate about the benefits of all types of walking.

If you’d like any tips or advice about walking or walking kit, then I’m here to help. I’m Rob Saunders and my phone number is on the website. You can also email me at 

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